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0.001% RAREST DROP on ZombsRoyale.io!

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  1. batrix ur awesome also cool skin. also can you accept my friend request im Bryce

  2. I dont watch you that much but what language do you speek

  3. did you know theres mific under the christmas tree

  4. Bro I wish I could 1v1 u so bad I have 2x more wins than u

  5. Baxter please tell me the zombosroyale emote button on pc keyboard
    please and reply

  6. Just a few days ago when i was playing mystery mode and it was snipers i got a chest with two crossbows inside not joking

  7. I am ur biggest fan plz be my friend I am Abdullah 1713

  8. Why do you kill people without guns?

    I know it’s the only way you kill people but still, why?

  9. Baxtrix en : im on your time you dont have to shoot me : me. Idiot its Team

  10. you
    (read the first word) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. thats not that rare. once i found 2 mythics in one chest. post a vid on that and maybe i'll like it

  12. We make team and you sad me to subscribe your chanal

  13. God damid I was the squid skin guy I only had a pistol oh btw I bet you don't have the season 2 emotes and season 3 plunking skin

  14. u have to be 12 to be able to listen to this commentary. ugh

  15. The saddest part is having most of them take the same amo

  16. I got more lucky guns in one z chest😁🤗🙂

  17. I write this with a penny

    I can give a like????

  18. I once got a mythical sniper and mythical are from 1 chest!

  19. Not even lying I've gotten 2 mythical from one chest

  20. Batrix's total diamonds spent

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