1 million coins, 100K gems? 70x Seasonal Chest Opening | ZombsRoyale.io - lorenzroxsoftware.com

1 million coins, 100K gems? 70x Seasonal Chest Opening | ZombsRoyale.io

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thanks for watching, what video(s) should i make next?
zombs royale leaks:
0:00-0:54 how i did it
0:55-4:57 chest opening
4:58-5:51 skin showcase


  1. all this time later i dont think anyone noticed "vietnam pack" LMFAOOOO

  2. :moyai: and next I should do a fake locker rev with all skins in the game

  3. takes a lot of gut to make these types of vids, nice

  4. if its not a dev account its a madman wasting money on a game

  5. bro the dedication that must have taken forever

  6. I have joined the zombs royale leaks about 2 weeks ago but today I just noticed it's gone I didn't delete it I don't know if I got kicked out or what and when I click the invite link it doesn't work anymore.

  7. This is amazing im guessing u spent a lot of time editing and opening all these chests just for us to be entertained thank you so much for making my day better

  8. I hope you become famous, I love this content. I have a a cactus skin that is called the Cactus Bud. It is the rarest cactus skin in the game so far. The rarity is not extremely rare, but you don't see a lot of people wearing it. The cactus gloves would've went smoothly with it

  9. if u can somehow get gems like that can u plz do it on an acc for me plzzzz. I can give u my acc, it has 300ish skins 30ish melees and 10 parachutes and backpacks plz can u help?

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