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1 Weapon Only Challenge! // Zombs Royale.io

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Hi guys! In this video, we will be doing a one weapon only challenge where we can only have 1 weapon equipped in our inventory at a time in Zombs Royale.io. Also, Sniwdji joins us in the video! Please subscribe and watch my other videos! Happy New Years!


  1. I sent u a friend request and u accepted it do u wanna play sometime I'm a pro my name is imtoraw#9639

  2. he has gaming computer and played so long but he only level 89

  3. I play night time, afternoon,sometimes morning

  4. Jeez – I remember i was subscribed when you had 50 subs. Now you have 950. You've grown dude!!!

  5. Randon Do u remember last game U killed me and my name was DT|Fro$tY

  6. this is trash you can change your Weapon. ur so bad and the skin you use is crap samaju so much better. also nobody wants to see your ugly crap face

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