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-100 IQ In Zombsroyale

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Thanks for watching a few ppl suicide after some oopie plays

Music Used

The Force Theme (Farout Remix)

🎵 Far Out

TheFatRat – Windfall

Flexxus – Lights



  1. if people didnt make their nick as UnlegendaryNoob then i would be in like 20 different videos out of the hundreds of times ive died to and Unlegendary noob

  2. Thats funny.._that pirate dude tryed to be pro for second and killed himself

  3. No hate but sometimes ur a bot but most of the time ur a pro:)

  4. Nearly all the player u kill has a mythic weapon lol

  5. 3:40 remember on the other vid the flashy and non-flashy vid, maybe he was the guy who figured out u xD

  6. Everyone has their times when they’re god but for un legendary noob roars always

  7. you move so fast i cant see your cursor…Probably not a hack 😀

  8. actully they arent -100 iq is unlegendary noob 200 iq

  9. The true 1000 iq guy in 3:20, is the guy camping in blossom. 😛

  10. But when he threw Dat impolse and hit that snipe I was so shocked 💯% pro and💯%iq

  11. unlegandarynoob more like GAMIN KOALA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. UnlegendaryNoob is easily one of the best players in the world at this point.

  13. The real -100 IQ is fighting Sn noob in the first place

  14. is it just me who thinks some of them are +100iq plays?

  15. Finally found unlegendary noob with a moon dragon😂

  16. FlowYa Morning morning morning you’re born on ETA

    My brother wrote this lmao

  17. The first guy killed himself and you’re just drinking milk of your mother saying what’s going on?:)😂😂😂🤣🤣😂

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