1v1 Against a Toxic Player in Zombs Royale - lorenzroxsoftware.com

1v1 Against a Toxic Player in Zombs Royale

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  1. some minor editing issues cuz i don't usually edit long videos

  2. is it staged lol cause that kid looks mad dumb its not possible💀

  3. That’s was so fast 😅 lol nice but the quality is so good 🙂 I gave you a sub and liked 😎

  4. It's Cole here that last fight was for sure scripted no way both of u took a whole minute to kill eachother open zone

  5. Hey if you worked on you're aim I really think you would be a really good player

  6. Hi I'm subdued can you maby give me a shout out 😀

  7. im watching this video right now if I like it you get 200 subs
    edit: finished the vid lol ggs. congrats on 200 🙂

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