1v1 Against BEST OCE PLAYER?! | LegendaryJun VS DrWalrus | ZombsRoyale.io - lorenzroxsoftware.com

1v1 Against BEST OCE PLAYER?! | LegendaryJun VS DrWalrus | ZombsRoyale.io

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In this video, we go against the “Best OCE Player” in Zombs Royale! Watch until the end to see how it ends…
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  1. love the video your one of the best zombs player

  2. I’m surprised you lost I thought you would win

  3. Pretty sure Codac was the best, if not he prob quit or something

  4. funny how unlegendarynoob released a video basically saying that Codac is the best oce player lol

  5. In the beginning it showed a walrus 😂🤣

  6. wait i dont undersatnd the new seon is out right seon 34 is our right why is the flame skin in there

  7. I just realize you edit this video for 4 day XD

  8. the fact paradox, blinky and cole would all clap walrus up on oce and make it 5-0

  9. I like it how you actually not toxic even when he wins

  10. Walrus is good but there was a comp to find the best OCE player, and Codac won.

  11. Would be honestly more interesting in you both had same ping

  12. I KNOW Walrus!!!!! I am in his region. He insane. WALRUS it me honor budgie

  13. This is a old vid bc when he lost the first match it shows last season bp !!!

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