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1v1ing FANS in ZombsRoyale.io

1azer ZR
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Today I 1v1-ed some of my FANS! Watch the whole video to see how it went…
(also thanks LegendaryJun for inspiration on the thumbnail!)

If you want to be in part 2, subscribe with notis, like and comment 🙂
Thanks for watching!

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  1. y u didnt put me in? was it because of the "incident" at wild west LOL

  2. It would be an honor for I 1v1 btw I was like your 12 subscriber

  3. If u don't put me in the next 1v1 I swear 1azer, better not have revs like last time

  4. can we 1v1? if u dont want to for a vid just for fun?

  5. these are like the worst oce ppl i've seen in my life


    Wanna go 1v1 5 rounds for a vid?

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