1v1ing LegendaryJun in 50v50 GAMEMODE! | Zombs Royale.io - lorenzroxsoftware.com

1v1ing LegendaryJun in 50v50 GAMEMODE! | Zombs Royale.io

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Hi guys! In this video, I will be doing another 1v1 against LegendaryJun, but in the 50v50 GAMEMODE! The rules for the zombs royale 1v1 is for whoever gets to four points first wins the 1v1 and you earn a point by winning the game. Hope you enjoy the video! Please like, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Have a joyful day!

5K Subscriber Montage will come out in about 1 week! I know that is quite a long time, but I really want to make it good! During that time I will have other uploads for you guys like this one! Feel free to comment on any montage song suggestions below as well!

SHOUTOUT to PINHEAD from Discord for giving me the idea of the last video! Sorry for not giving the shoutout last video! The video I am referring to:

#zombsroyale #ramdonooby #legendaryjun #zombsroyale1v1

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Music in this video:

First song – ► Music Credit: Artificial.Music
Track Name: “And So It Begins”
Music By: Artificial Music @
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License for commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License.
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Second song – Ikson – Paradise (Official): Free Download:
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Third song – Ikson – Harmony (Official): Free Download:
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Fourth song – All night (Tropical House): Free Download:
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  1. I just read the community chat and the video was posted

  2. Another awsome vid. Thx for listening to me on longer vids. This was longer and cooler

  3. s c u f f e d luck based 1v1. still very fun tho. ggs

  4. Why did you guys ban me from juice clan for having a new acc. Its really mean. Tell me why please. 🙁

  5. wait a sec, u said that ur father and mother took away ur PC but wut is this?

  6. Anyone tell your account
    I will be your friend

  7. Ramdonooby. Love your vids I know this is weird but I feel like jun and unlegendary noob are your brothers LOL

  8. yo ramdonooby can i plz have ur discord im ur biggest fan

  9. I have a challenge for you: so the first weapon you pick up the rarity of the weapon is the rarity you have to use the rest of the game. pls use it!

  10. LMAO I had no idea u hit 5k congrats it is well deserved

  11. LegendaryJune kill me two time in a row and a got swcond place

  12. I was playing zombies IL and I saw your brother named I

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