1v1ing LegendaryJun in SUPERPOWER Gamemode! | Zombs Royale.io - lorenzroxsoftware.com

1v1ing LegendaryJun in SUPERPOWER Gamemode! | Zombs Royale.io

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Hi guys! In this video me and LegendaryJun will be 1v1ing each other in the superpower gamemode in zombs royale.io! It was amazing fun to 1v1 Legendaryjun, I hope you enjoy watching the zombs royale 1v1 video!

(ZCC Rules)
First to three points to win!
If die before 30 players remain it is a redo.
You must win the game to earn a point!

Note: 1v1s do not decide who is better or not as their are many factors such as loot, health, 3p, and more that change results.

It was very pog video, thank you for watching the zombs royale video! We are about to hit 4k subscribers thank you for all the support you guys have shown to my youtube channel and zombs royale content!

SHOUTOUT to LegendaryJun for being in the video go check out his youtube!

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  1. ╔═.♥.══════╗
      Congrats on 4k

  2. Ngl most of the powers bad only power and movement speed is the best

  3. second to last round
    ramdonooby stands and zooms away from rpg last second
    kid thinks he's doing so well when he rpged ramdonooby
    when ramdonooby pulls out the mythics
    kid: uh-oh

  4. smh making fun of new ppl how would u feel if u were treated like that u were a noob aswell

  5. Yo bro can we please play squads or duos sometime? And what do u use to record ur vids

  6. By The Way LedgendaryJun Is Op Than You…

  7. Jun on camera when he dies: GGs man.

    Jun off camera when he dies: “NOO! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!?

  8. Randomnooby pls can you post more vids I am getting bored due to pandemic pls I have watched like all your videos five five times pls can you post more vids It's so fun except school I just play zr or watch yt. i would like to know your discord id and all too

  9. Skososls ska always,Ali ow so aka a amazing k a Kia aka Kansas sims w

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