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2 Tips to achieve HIGHER FPS | Zombs Royale

ZR Marine
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Many people say they don’t get how this works so this is a rather newer video that I made about increasing fps! In the new video’s description, you will find the direct link to where you can download the client! Keep in mind that you will need to get the desktop discord app in order for the client to download it!!! Hopefully, you will find the new video helpful! C:

**Link to the video**:


  1. i have problem my zombs cannot get unlimited fps even in unlimited fps mode oni only can get unlimited fps windowed

  2. Epic! How is it So Good? Hopefully you can Join us! xP

  3. Hey! I just found your channle! Seems rlly good! I can sub can’t wait to see you post in the future!!!

  4. do i need to download it bc i cant on browser?

  5. My pc good and I play zombs on the website and I can’t raise my fps

  6. When I play with the app o can raise

  7. It really worked!!! I am so glad i can play zombsroyale.io better now!! i used to hit 24fps, and now i hit 52fps!! (which in my opinion is rly good). Thank you for making this video!!! I subbed and turned on notifications!!!!!

  8. it wont let me change my fps limit it just says auto detect…'

  9. i dont have unlimetd i just have 60fps cant change

  10. and i only have auto – detect

  11. how do you get to windows settings

  12. I cant set it to umlimited cause it onlyh shows 60 fps auto detect

  13. Yo having a 3000×2000 res will decrease FPS instead of 1920×1080

  14. when i play zr the fps and ping ms didnt show

  15. Hey when i turned on to unlimited i have 25FPS only,and i don't have display in Windows 7.

  16. My fps is 240 but ms 60 why my server is autodetect or europe

  17. i dont need this vid cause i already get over 1k fps

  18. UM Hello i play zr on school cumputer how do i get the inlimited their is no option for that or the resulation do you know how to do rhat or somthing close to that thx love ur vids

  19. hey umm in settings in zombsroyale it doesn't show everything like yours. for example in fps it only shows auto detect – 60 Fps, And it doesn't show fullscreen and Widescreen instead it shows me something else

  20. i dont have any of those resolutions on my pc
    what should i do?

  21. for me on resulation and fps it only sais auto detect

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