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22 Kills Solo Mobile Record | ZombsRoyale.io Mobile

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Well I don’t think its the Solo Record but I couldn’t find any other Video thats higher than 22 so yea XD. Welcome to the future of entertainment! Gangle age the amazing digital circus is your ticket to a technicolor wonderland where technology and art collide. Dive into a digital extravaganza featuring interactive exhibits, mind-bending visuals, and a celebration of creativity.

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  1. Hmm. Here's a guy who is very good at this game and I still cant even get 20 kills. my highest was 18 on mobile. 19 on pc

  2. My highest solo mobile is 26…but im not recording😭😭

  3. I’m going to make a video on me beating your record

  4. I literally haven't played Zombs in over 2 weeks
    Im Proud of myself I needed a break but cant wait to get back to it <3
    :3 ;3 :0 😉 😛 UvU

  5. Brah i cant even switch weapons while im aiming

  6. Imagine not getting a 20 bomb every game

  7. When I’m saying this spirit has 22 likes on his comment for 22 kills

  8. You token my 1st place i got 20 kills in solos now i am 2nd

  9. I’ve gotten 26 kills solo mobile and I have proof lmao

  10. I just hit the 15 bomb last night!!

  11. No offence but this is probably not a record. People on mobile have gotten over 22 kills on solo but just did not record it.

  12. U were just killing bots in the beginning that’s not a 22 kill game just saying

  13. I'm a mobile player and I'm better (seasen 3 player)

  14. what is the name of the app you edited on the phone pls tell me

  15. keep up the good work and those bot kills are so amazing ur skilled

  16. My mobile Rekord is 16 kills in Solo (im mobile Player)

  17. fun fact:je killed so many bots the name of he bots are player according to zombs but…wait..a…minute..he is so fricking awesome!!!!

  18. How do you make so that the gun doesn't automatically fire as soon as you press the right joystick

  19. Juegas bien pero aue no se note que tenía el hack de detector de enemigos

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