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3v3 Tournament Quarterfinals | Zombs Royale

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Enjoy footage from the FIRST EVER Gem sponsored 3v3 Tournament in the history of Zombsroyale. These are two of the toughest teams in the bracket and are fighting to see which team will advance to the Semifinals against Faze_Vivaan (xSan0, Foupsoup, Rizen, TheAce)

The Dedicated Fighters: Samaju, Top, Hugedemon, Antagonist
Jalapeño Hotties: NASA, Juno, Boom, Chosen

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*Editing & Thumbnail: NASA

1st –
2nd –
3rd –

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  1. ok ok i had rec of our match you just had to ask 😡

  2. 0:37 that guy didn't want to kill you because hes a good player not like us
    GGs both team plays well

    We need more

  3. I want to thank NASA for all he's done. This man literally does 50 percent of the community work and he does so much in ZCC. THANKS NASA

  4. Nice video the game is twice as fun now that the ZCC channel is up and running! Keep up the great vids (:

  5. Hey I got banned for sending scam links but I didn't know those were scams I'm sorry I just wanted nitro so bad 🙁

  6. GGs! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)b✧

  7. i would love to be in tournament but what song did u use fr your intro

  8. im RVT main team what do you have to do if your main team but the scrim is late in the night

  9. I wish I was in the squad tornement I'm actually good come see

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