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400 Gem Squad Scrims | Zombs Royale

ZombsRoyale Highlights
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Check out highlights from the 400 Gem Squad Royale Rumble hosted on 11/23/2019.

HUGE thank you to PoisonRain for hosting this event!

PoisonRain YT:
PoisonRain TTV:

ZCC Discord:

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*Editing & Thumbnai: NASA

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  1. 2019 : 400 gem prize2021 : 10000 gem prize2023 : 100000 gem prize hahahah

  2. I feel like Poison Rain is the new replacement from BoxElder of commentary

  3. Is there also a turnament for Eu servers?

  4. Right When I go thru the portal they abuse me from all sides

  5. When the vid starts with my team book ganging a 9 yesr old lmao

  6. oh! I like the way PoisonRain hosted! And the backround of his room is awesome. XD
    06:08 hahahah 😂 surprise! PoisonRain crashed into that four guys' mysterious ritual. lol

  7. this is our boxelder but a few years yunger xD

  8. Good job in this vid poison rain really did good in this vid

  9. Ok dude pls can you add me i think im pro than you but pls ad me my tag is spirit#3151

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