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5 Hardest ZombsRoyale YouTuber Challenges

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5 Hardest ZombsRoyale YouTuber Challenges!
Will I be able to beat them?
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Big shoutout to the following Zombs Royale YouTubers:
UnlegendaryNoob / Unlegendary Noob – @unlegendarynoob
RamdoNooby / Ramdo Nooby / RandomNooby / Random Nooby – @ramdonooby
Chosen – @VGChosen
LegendaryJun / Legendary Jun – @LegendaryJun
Cooly 🤮 – @Coolyqt

In today’s video, I attempted 5 of the hardest fortnite.io / ZombsRoyale challenges. These challenges were so hard, they might’ve required zombs royale hacks. Although I have released videos like zombs royale how to be pro and zombsroyale montage and zombsroyale highlights and zombsroyale clips and zombs royale event and even zombs royale tips and tricks, this video is a lot more challenging.

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  1. The new server is a W and this vid a WWWWWWW

  2. I BELIEVE U WILL WIN 1/5 give me a shoutout 😉

  3. your only going ro win 1 challenge shout me out PoisonRain

  4. i acctyally guessed 1 lol give me a shotout every1 else prolly skipped to the end

  5. I think my favorite YouTuber poisonrain will win ALL 5 challenges because he’s so good!

    Edit: my guess was wrong, poisonrain is bad 😊

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