500 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!!!!!!!! - HIGHLIGHTS #1 / MONTAGE!!! - ZOMBS ROYALE - lorenzroxsoftware.com


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THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR 500 subs. Now like 580 LMAOOO. I might not be uploading as often as I was for the past 3 weeks, but I will try my best. Thanks for all the support guys. And shoutout to Noobius for encouraging me to start youtube. Make sure to subscribe to him


  1. Nice bro, been rooting for you when you were at a little over 20 subs. People's aim tho, it sucks so much lol.

  2. Almost 600 subs your growing too fast love ur vids and content tho keep it up

  3. Yo zr jokz shoutout was really affective after all I wish of he does me a shoutout too ☹️

  4. You killed me yesterday I was IV& SWEAT in mystic

  5. BRO insanee montage (mostly the first part). Idc what anyone says, the first part goes into my top 10 montage list. And the way u punch two times after evry kill lol luv it…

  6. Nice Montage ;), U should make 600 subs rn XD

  7. wow ur becoming a subscriber speedrunner lol, this is turning out great coz more people trashtalking about my channel soon 😀

  8. AYOOOOOOOO SHEEEESHHH 🔥🔥BEEN HERE SINCE DAY ONE LETS GOOOOOOO #ROADTO1k ur so good tho wtf idk how in rpg i was ever better then you

  9. Hey Dragon what gaming pc do you use and what’s the cost?

  10. clips are good but some could be better, editing is decent but overall good montage..

  11. Hey bro i rlly like ur vids i will help you get ur subs go high

  12. insane bro ur editing and playing 😉 (pls show me how to do some of that stuff

  13. You should 1v1 beanboy, it would be.a good fight

  14. Hey, would you be interested in recording some montage of mine on your channel

  15. Nice moves can we play duos sometimes together

  16. I got to admit you are half as good as unlegendary noob

  17. Hey man! I wanted to ask how to upload a vid to youtube. If you could help that would be nice. Also can you tell what recording platform you use. Thanks!

  18. did you edit this yourself or was it someone else?

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