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50k Montage

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UnlegendaryNoob’s adventure concludes as he hits 50,000 subscribers.

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather
Imagine Dragons & JID – Enemy
Sex Whales & Fraxo – Dead To Me (feat. Lox Chatterbox)



  1. I f*cking love u, I love the way you play, scream, ur montages, yer rapping, EVERYTHING, I don't know why u didn't have 50k a long time ago, because you deserve it, congratulations!

  2. Ayy that’s crazy awesome videos congrats bro

  3. Ive been playing this game for a long time but i havent played in 2 years and its evolved alot…. Your amazing man continue your journey i believe in you

  4. Best Montage i ever watch. Congrats on 50k Unlegendary Noob!

  5. Congrats and GG! You are now officially famous. I loved how you made a combo for your songs and kills. Especially the parts where you made the kills go with the drum!

  6. Congrats on 50k dude! so close to 60k! Love you:)

  7. Remix Of Songs With The Best Edits, Congrats 🎊

  8. Wow. Awesome montage, your insane. I think I speak for everyone when I say congrats because you deserved it.

  9. lol bro its been over 1 year ive been watch9ing from many accounts and i gotta say bro u outdone urself broski good job

  10. I like how the music is perfectly synced with the video

  11. animations was good, but song…..nah sucks. Congratulations On 50K SUBS! UR FAM NOW>
    other montages music were better no offense


  13. noob will you post more content on something other than zr or are u done with yt all together????

  14. KEEP GOING AND MAKING VIDEOS IT BrINGS JOY TO 50K PEOPlE (4 amazing minutes of my life)

  15. YOOO NOOB HAD THE VETOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  16. its crazy how far you've made it legend, i hope you keep going.👑words can't express how much of an influence you've been to thousands or ppl. stay nooby.

  17. Letsgoo best montage yet legit tho been watching you for 2 years now

  18. He deserves to get this, and much more! He makes high quality content and post every week or so. Great job on getting this many subs! Not many people get this many.

  19. O_O … how, just how… teach me the flicks…

    🥵it was lit btw

  20. Unlegendary, what do you mean concludes his adventure?

  21. UnlegendaryNoob is the best zr player no one can change my mind

  22. congrats dude, ive been watching you ever since you started playing this back in 2018. i'm happy to see you reach this milestone and look forward to whats coming next!

  23. Damm I remember watch him and playing zombs royale

  24. sosososoosos goood. what editing skills and the musci is so good and ontime compaerd to the clips

  25. congrats man!! its awesome to see you rise from the beginning, keep making great content

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