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5star x YoItz3trkZ | Highlights | ZombsRoyale.io

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My Discord ID: 77stgnt
Clips by: 5star & YoItz3trkz
Edited by: YoItz3trkz
Thumbnail by: YoItz3trkz
~ [Songs:]
Song 1: Last Dude – London

Song 2: Pop Smoke, Bizzy Banks – 30
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YoItz3trkz GFX & YouTube Community:

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  1. Thanks for YoItz3trkz for helping a lot❤

  2. Finnaly, the goat is back with another highlights😮‍💨

  3. good hoghlights but 5star is a scammer fuck him

  4. Both of you flick to the point where you lose the ability to aim. It looks cool but you guys flick so much you start shooting in the opposite direction of the other kid

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