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7 event wins in 1 day – ZombsRoyale

Elephant zr
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  1. Think u slick copyin troopies music lol, also good job u won 7 games of random events 💀 mid asf

  2. Wow….your not bad (love the graphics man keep it up)😉

  3. how do you join events? Really nice video and gj on winning 7 in 1 day!

  4. Yo I was in a duo with you and u said u were in some event, idk if u remember I was _br3h and we won

  5. best was ztt by far but other a little less stacked

  6. op elephant. ily. nearing 600subs. also what events ?

  7. Your op sry I’m late to watching I had no WiFi for a couple days

  8. elephant is just too good, good conted, good channel, good event plauyer, good clips, AND NICE GUY WOW nice vid keep it up

  9. my record is 20 wins in duo 5 in solo and 7 in squad 😉😉👍👍 i love u


  10. 2:50 j'avais oubli" le plot qui rep ng XDD
    l'un des meilleurs joueurs event eu gg

  11. My bro you always so OP keep up your good content, love to see it🔥

  12. Tbh I didn't know there was still that many events in 1 day lol

  13. R u French or do you just speak it cus your learning it or what

  14. noicee! my fav zombs ytuber as always

  15. noob No
    Pro No
    Hacker No
    God Yes!

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