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8x EASTER CHEST OPENING in Zombs Royale!

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8x opening of the new Easter Chest in Zombs Royale! That reminds me, Happy Easter everyone! 🙂


  1. i used to not like troopie but bro u one ofmy fav youtubers now

  2. i have never seen such good luck… i got all purple and I opened times

  3. i was the guy with the chocobunny and the bunny eggshooter who u did a thumps down 2 🙁

  4. who else want all the skins troopie has?

  5. first i didnt know who troopie was then i saw his 10 k gem vid after that vid he was my favourite

  6. In the next video plz Use the choco skin and gloves with dadulus wings and spin very hard plzplzplz

  7. Im new to this channel bit imma sub k

  8. Who designed this this is? Looks like a Chocolate bean to me

  9. This Troopie guy sounds like a cool guy anyone else agree?

  10. new vid idea, one type of ammo only, if u pick up 2 types, u lose.

  11. your voice was so much deeper lol

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