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  1. wtf is your friend talking about………nobody can be this good shut him up

  2. If anybody here hacks do y’all get hyped when you win or do you get bred like a bitch you your dad after?

  3. 1 year later and only now we are getting an anticheat

  4. Slide canceling does not mean u can play Tim dude 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Kd works like if you have 100 kills and 1 death you will have a 100%KD

  6. You know good update, solid WHERES THE FING FOV SLIDE FOR CONSOLE

  7. Crazy how far mods have come…now you can spray the floor and wipe the lobby with a £4 cheat….really hope anti-cheat works.

  8. You forgot to get nose to nose with the camera and yell "LIKE the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?"

  9. Freebirds is definitely a better chipotle

  10. the only person with a 17kd in wz is a cheater or a tarkov pro

  11. Get the guy banned but use his content and make money off it?

  12. Had more then 78 don't forget the zombie kills also they still count

  13. I played warzone the day it came out got aimboted across the map then I deleted warzone haven’t played it since

  14. A year later and we are finally getting an "anti cheat"


  16. Them: human limitations
    Me: I have already surpassed the limitations

  17. Tim: “Ahh here you are on the roof, mighty beast.”

    Killfeed: Mighty Beast >> Timthetatman

    Tim: Guys he’s definitely NOT on the roof.

  18. Tim says "tell someone u love them" i love tim

  19. I need his gaming chair 👁️👄👁️👌

  20. You've never seen a speed hack . I saw a guy run across the screen like a motorbike he flicked one shot dropped me and left the screen before my body hit the floor 🤣 but I got the little basted with an rpg before I left the lobby

  21. My cod mobile br kd must be nuts, I don’t cheat

  22. Jesus christ Tim the ability to press the slide button again during a slide doesn't fucking indicate skill level. I'm so tired of tim talking about "well they can slide cancel so they cant be that bad" like it's hard to do or something.

  23. Remember before Cold War they came out they said they had a new anti hacking system. Now there are more cheaters then ever. Now that Microsoft owns Activision , we can see what happens in the next year

  24. I used to watch a streamer with reaction speed vision and gun control like a hacker and many of us have there is a few that are genuinely as good as aim bots and that’s shroud on pubg

  25. Your existence is an L.
    Best insult I have heard in a while

  26. Any1 else see the bogie in Tim's nose🤣 just saying

  27. I was playing zombies with my buddy on cold war, turns out he was hella hacking and just did unbelievable shit for someone who never cheated or hacked in his life I was so confused when it happened in game to me💀😂

  28. Was just thinking.. if they keep getting banned, do they have to re download the game with the new account? If so the developers are loving the amount of money for hackers downloading.. also they are getting you guys paid in a way. All of us enjoy the hacker videos
    They snakes for cheating but man Tim it's fun to watch and cool you get paid for them in a way. Keep killing it brother.

  29. my kd is was usually 3.87 but now its 5.88 now and i got killed by a 355.89 kd extreme hacker/cheater

  30. I miss verdansk so much. Hacking was so much more enjoyable back in the day! Caldera sucks and is so boring

  31. i like how pc players are always complaining about aim assist, but they have 120 fov, the ability to cheat with ease, and literally the best players lmao

  32. I guess what the guy meant is, this dude has nonhuman reaction and precision but he is not doing sth that the game doesn't allow. Like i can technically shoot in the sky and hit the enemy far away. He doesn't teleport to the enemy and onehits them.

  33. Why ain’t they band him and the people helping

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