Acting Like a NOOB in Random Duos! | -

Acting Like a NOOB in Random Duos! |

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In this video, I go into auto-fill duos and act like a complete noob and then go full sweat mode!
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#legendaryjun #zombsroyale #trolling
Thanks for Reading the Description, Have a Good Day! 😀


  1. yooo i do this too but can u do a part 2 and put ur name as "joe" its the most bottest name plss

  2. LMAO 😂😂🤣🤣
    the first guy was really nice and supportive
    pogg vid!

  3. I have a couple vid ideas if u wanna use them. The first is a arrow keys challenge and the next is learning to play mobile really good if u did that u could make pc and mobile content which doubles the vids and ideas u can have

  4. Tips: If you get reverses in zombies mode, then you can use them to make a hoard of zombies to attack somebody

  5. this is honestly my favourite zr vid I've ever watched 😀

  6. ok i have to make the joke. you didn't have to act

  7. 🤖🤖🤖🤖 there is so many bots lol

  8. you said you will pop off and then you didn’t even give the correct ammo lol

  9. I love how in the thumbnail he says “I am new” even tho he has the flashiest skin i’ve ever seen

  10. U should have an uncommon skin and an ugly melee that's the noob fit

  11. You are best zombs royale player to me and can you and randobnoob do 2v50 cluth?

  12. Who's hyped for new season?! (This might be the best season yet…)

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