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Airdrop ONLY Challenge |

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  1. Which editor were u using before and which u use now??

  2. good video, very good effects, yes sir yes sir, jajajaja

  3. good vid but the mic kinda hurts my ears
    that awp kill was sick btw

  4. says airdrop only but opens other chest and takes peoples loot

  5. hey i have a question someone knows how i can get my account back i deleted zombs royale now i downloaded it again ibut my old acc not because i forgot my password but i still have my acc on my laptop can someone help

  6. a question why not let me enter the game for 1 year? : c that was my favorite game

  7. i loved the video!, what editor did you use?

  8. The video is a 10/10. But the SHEEEEEEEEESH and YESSSIRR were loud asf and incredibly annoying

  9. Hey Dragon ZR! Your such a good youtuber and i love your videos anyways I was wondering if you could shout me out in your next video i need subscibers!!! rember my channel name is Shrek city Thanks!

  10. lol aony you team 50x more than alpha kids do so you can shut up

  11. gg gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggge

  12. Aony I’m ur trash I played with u do u remember me?

  13. @UCD7tcENPjwHzPZeEr3wH8bg im mister paker thats my problem

  14. The first Airdrop: Mystic Sniper
    Yes Sir

  15. Ur a bot for cheating

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