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AJTHEBOLD Insane ZombsRoyale Plays #1

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AJTHEBOLD Insane ZombsRoyale Plays #1

Some insane ZombsRoyale Plays I did in this video, if you do like the video check out my other content I do montages , scrims , highlights and much more like other ZombsRoyale Content creators like Legendaryjun , unlegendarynoob , randomnooby and much more.

The Song – Doom Eternal OST – The Only Thing they Fear is You (Mick Gordon)

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  1. proof that AJ was playing even before making poseidon…

  2. I am not the first or last…

  3. Aj pls reupload all of ur old vids .)

  4. I can tell the plays are now hes playing zr again I see the famas

  5. Now way man is back with the zr content 💪

  6. YAYAYYAYAY back with zr vids AJ ur now the most subbed zr player ayyy

  7. Do remember the music from "The people who killed my dog" series

  8. HI ajthebold if youre fake or not pls read this till the end

    Ajthebold your fans are really happy because you turned back to zr thanks for doing that but a lot of ppl ( over 300k ) unsubbed to u but youre still a god 😁
    it will be nice if you do a livestream with viewers 🙂

    Thanks for reading

  9. only the ogs remember when no one gave two shits

  10. Did u say yes to someone to reborn Poseidon

  11. lmao I'm dumb I thought this was the real or main channel

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