Am I A Zombsroyale Fraud...? -

Am I A Zombsroyale Fraud…?

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I played bad team.


  1. can i get the controls for everything

  2. yo das must be W and i deserve insta dms or 100$ aint gonna lie bro

  3. Bro the kid is really back, he really is uploading daily… like what?


  5. crazy how they just casually added deadalus and other og cosmetics into the shop

  6. i swear you hit level 300 like 3 years ago. u barely play the game now bro but dont blame you. hasn't been a map update for like 2 years

  7. I think the reason he's always getting coins is cuz he literally has all the basic chest items😅 6:07

  8. your are the goat of zombs believe in your self

  9. Yo noob, is there any chance that forest elder outfit might go available in the daily shop?

  10. zombsroyale legend, not a zr fraud 🗿🗿

  11. There are so many more players on zr now

  12. Bro i have an old vid of me shooting a sniper and clear as day the bullet disappears even in range, if u want it i can find it

  13. This may seem really really weird and idk if anyone remembers this but does anybody remember the video where AJTHEBOLD ranked Noob as the best zr player, but then said ''Just kidding, it's gotta be Blump.'' Ye well after that Noob made a montage, and it was fire, but I can't find the video anymore. Idk if he erased it. I think the music used in his montage was like Demon Slayer OP or something. Lmao idk how I remember this, but yeah.

  14. I feel like the devs are just done with the game man, nowadays all they do is make the battle pass skins, they don't even bother to add new items to the shop like they used to. They really gotta update the map and fix the bot issue💀

  15. The game died a long time agoyou should play something else

  16. He should make a new channel where he plays different games

  17. Can u pin me? im ur biggest fan.

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