AWP ONLY!?! (lol) - Zombs Royale -

AWP ONLY!?! (lol) – Zombs Royale

Sirius M
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(Last vid just wanna say I aint no simp fools “she” is a man)

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  1. :0 Gj Sirius! <3 And the bot at the start you killed with ur fist and me I get to like 55 hp while fighting a bot with a weapon LOLLL oh and ur playing with Esilanna again, nicee

  2. Bro lmao i knew u were in my game yesterday XD 3:55 i was Itachi Uchiha

  3. Any tips on how I can get any better at this game can anyone add me on Zimbabwe usmercury#7500

  4. Congrats on 6K keep up on the daily 🔥Videos!

  5. that AWP is odly to big in the thumbnail. you know what else is big?….

  6. I subscribe to all ZR player so yeah have a great day 🙂

  7. Yoo thanks for the support on Spark clan


  8. Do you remeber the guy in red art hat with sword that is me

  9. This savage m thank you for mod in mammoth sirius :3

  10. 2:49 idiot lets sirius get airdrop
    sirius:so you have ALL chosen death!

  11. Sirius M is uploading
    GUess I have to subscribe again***

  12. Its not awp only he used hands and items that means he didn't complete it !!!!!

  13. I kept saying:
    take the gun
    UNTIL I realised he couldn't…

  14. Lmao cent pings every time he host solo scrims so sirius m has 33 lol
    you probably don’t care but i am actually mod in that server

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