Battle Pass! - Season 1 - -

Battle Pass! – Season 1 –

Anon Moose
Views: 50903
Like: 704 has released a HUGE update. Prehistoric themed Season One begins! Battle Royale against 100 opponents in a a FREE, easy to play mobile (and browser) game!

► Download now and use my referral link pretty please!

Huge changes, weekly challenges, Battle Pass, Backpacks, new weapons, mobile chatting and more. Super stoked about this update as it adds a lot of great features which make the game far more polished. Whether you play on Android, iOS or Browser ( or are the websites from what I gather) it’s a LOT of fun.

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* Collect stars by completing Challenges and leveling up
* Gain tiers by collecting enough stars to go up a tier
* Get rewards whenever you go up a tier
* Get even better rewards when you own the Battle Pass

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  1. Who's watching this in season 17 and reliving old memories?

  2. I love this game. The battle pass is worth it and so is the starter pack

  3. i had this stuff but then i got hacked so i dont have any season 1 stuff anymore 🙁

  4. It's a pity you don't play this game anymore 🙁

  5. i miss seosen 1 iam playing from seosen 1 😀

  6. i love this game i'm playing abaut 5 months ago

  7. hi anon moose I just wanted to ask please please can I have your zombs royale account because all I really want is the noob hammer so please if its fine with u can I please have it 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺

  8. I miss the old zombz I started mid season 1 btw…😏

  9. This shit is old but I started at season 23 or 24 I forgot but I’m kinda good but also bad lmao

  10. 2021 just strolled in. This is nostalgic and awesome! Thanks for uploading this season one gem.

  11. Brawl stars copied this idea from zombroyale

  12. Hi, I've been playing since 2018 and I came back to the game a little bit, and I realized that the account contained a red hat and I wanted to know if the hat was exclusive or comes in boxes?

  13. Hi Anon, may we trade us accounts? Mine is from season 15 and i wish evr before i have an season 1 battle pass account with the demonic scythe picaxe on it….So would you give me your account?
    PS:love your videos….

  14. So nostalgic 🥲 also any tips on how to get the refer rewards?? Been trying that since season 3 and it doesn’t work for me for some reason 😭😭

  15. Dude it’s 2022 and it’s like season 30 somthing your insanely OG

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