Best clutch of the year ? Zombsroyale #shorts #Zombsroyale -

Best clutch of the year ? Zombsroyale #shorts #Zombsroyale

Elephant zr
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#Zombsroyale #shorts
T2Jack’s twitch :
He is an amazing streamer


  1. No, it’s not the best clutch of the year, but it’s a short, so the vid is cut. We can think that they were low but they weren’t. They had 250 hp together, and I had 7. If they hit me I was dead

  2. told you the # and if you wait tomorrow this will happen (:

  3. hey elephant I forgot to tell u when u post a short video remember to sey subscribe so u can let the viewer knows that he can subscribe (:

  4. I didn't understand anything of what he said lol

  5. honestly my friend w/out shield 2 hp got a duo (i just started and was knocked down)

  6. Best clutch I have ever seen it’s even better than unlegendarynoob bro your the best😮

  7. Man I hate it when others are better than me😤

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