BEST SKIN COMBO in Zombs Royale! + Opening Season 20 Chests & Buying Shop Items -

BEST SKIN COMBO in Zombs Royale! + Opening Season 20 Chests & Buying Shop Items

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Hi guys! In this video, I will be replacing my most well-known skin combo the baby wukong skin by getting, in my opinion, the BEST SKIN COMBO in Zombs Royale! Also, I will be opening some Season 20 chests and buying the new shop items in zombs royale! Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe, like, and watch my other videos!

Tell me in the comments below your thoughts on my new combo and the other skins I got from the season 20 chest!


  1. randomnooby's name got reveled……. go down more


  2. I bought them too and used the nebula wings for my combo

  3. You should let ur bro open the last chest

  4. i should be studying tbh idk why i am here, but ram, you should go study too

  5. randonooby gives me such a good vibe which makes it rly fun too watch his videos

  6. why not buy Battle pass. U get plenty of skins and get 80 gems back.

  7. I also like how he spends gems on the gay chest

  8. Hi bro im playing zombs royale also and im on mobile ( im from german)
    It wheres nice if you look at one of my Videos and i habe one last question can we make a Video
    And nice content bro

  9. bro I kind of just found ur channel you have a lot potential maybe you should think about not only focusing on Zombs maybe valorent or something

  10. flames octo+blazing cape is the best combo

  11. That combos is fire and i mean literally fire,,, not fire but literally fire

  12. Honestly the fists just don't go as well as the cape

  13. bro your brother have a channel tell him to make one if no and sub right away to him!

  14. U would think that the raid shots is like only good when it’s all loaded but it’s good when u just epswitch to it too

  15. Tbh i think my cambo is way better no cap

  16. Tbh i think my cambo is way better no cap

  17. The fist dosent fit with the set the fist is red ur skin is orange if that would be orange omg that would be the best combo skin i ever seen.
    Note:i didnt insult the skin its still cool so dont get salty

  18. Red art hat, gingerbread cloak, lifeguard melee…

  19. The blazing fist makes it look kinda shit ngl

  20. BRUHHHH your brother tried so hard to sound smart when in reality the sniper looks nothing like a remington, and aws is a company owned by Amazon XD. There is a sniper called an aws but it also looks NOTHING like the Mark II

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