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Best Moments

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Thank you all for an amazing year. Youtube has significantly changed my life. Grateful to you all. peace



  1. Bro the freaking annoying transition screens made me stop watching

  2. Hey unlegendarynoob wanna 1v1v1 with you and codac and me?

  3. back into zombsroyale after i got a computer 😃

  4. ;-; when u say dis year but it was posted on january 1 2022 instead of december 31 2021

  5. Idea challenge: if u see ur name the video ends

  6. that chris brown joke went over so many people's head

  7. Will you 1v1 Fans? Also, great video it up 😉

  8. 6:03 koala boi opened the door just after the shot went through

  9. i love the good memories but now and days ZR is not it self any more

  10. The music used is Zeldas lulluby if anyone is wondering


  12. UnlegendaryNoob: 50 to 100k+. Wait im not famous?
    Everyone: checks his sub count

  13. Happy new year! Hope you reach 50k and eventually 100k! Hope you all have a blessed 2022!

  14. Bro that first clip I had just gotten done watching that video

  15. 2:07 I rlly did get put in the viddy tho 😵😵😵😵😵

  16. quick question: how do some ppl easily do pump snipes but i get a second delay when i switch from pump to sniper so is it just a macro thing or is there some random secret that is unknown to me :<

  17. when a YouTuber uses a transition to get watchtime

  18. nah bro, this is some high quality UnlegendaryRewind 2021 so cool

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