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Bust Back! – A paid montage | Zombs Royale Montage

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Got paid to make the best edit I can, and I delivered the best I can. I feel every vid my editing gets even better, and I’m happy on how this one turned out (:

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If you are reading this I hope you have a great day! Also you mind sharing this video and show me some love in the comments? It’ll motivate me to make more of these!

Do you guys like this type of content? Let me know! I’m a mobile gamer/youtuber/streamer


Music in this video

Song Bust Back!

Artist 22december!


Thanks to Assets4U (A4U) for providing me some of the resources to make this video

Their server:

I appreciate y’all, FlickaFam (:

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  1. The clips in this vid are not mine, this is a paidmontage, a4kv1bes acted like these were his clips and then proceeded to not credit me for the video. All clips belong to Koopa.

  2. clips are crazy and montage is too good for this game

  3. His computer is way better than mine, I get so high pings I dont even take damage sometimes. LOL😂

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