Chaos Zombsroyale Montage #1 -

Chaos Zombsroyale Montage #1

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My First ZombsRoyale Montage uploaded to my Gaming Channel.

Special Thanks to bullett for editing it for me.

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This montage has all of my best ZombsRoyale clips! these clips are so good you can say its on the same level of Unlegendarynoob , leadbraw , troopie , legendaryjun , randoomnooby. I had a blast getting clips for my montage on this 2d io game. Yang is awesome.

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  1. WTF the thumbn ayo also the montage is fire too.

  2. U alrdy know this is a banger when u see Chaos in recommended <3

  3. I have a question, could you maybe do a video on how to have no tag like you do ?

  4. 1. Youre goated
    2. Youre insane
    3. U found no emote
    4. you earned a sub
    5. your channel is growing


  5. bruh chaos is having montages now omg so good, great clips by u and great editing from bullett.

  6. fire montage the editing is insane so are the clips, what song tho?

  7. yo chaos i saw you in a game today anyways ggs ur op

  8. Yo this is fire , still remember the days in havok man been so long

  9. Yo this was the BEST montage on YouTube I've ever seen for ZR!! 🙂

  10. amazing also nice music ama use that for a montage ty

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