chill out with the impulses.... + Gameplay - Zombs Royale - Funny -

chill out with the impulses…. + Gameplay – Zombs Royale – Funny

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Lol, those two people tried to trickshot me lmao. Counterattack lol. and we don’t talk about the ending, I was trying to do something cool……


  1. Right now its UnlegendaryLevi but i plan on changing it

  2. U already know I’m out here being first comment with notis

  3. draggoooooooooooooon what happened to quick switches

  4. I love how u ended the vid just b4 the ar bullet hit u :p

  5. bro my guy needs to chill with the impulse spam

  6. Aye yo bro. its me Leave?[Gottee]?!. SUBBED

  7. lol you and the 2nd guy was jumping around the house

  8. I haven't played zr in a while is this how sweaty they are

  9. the underlord skin guy was bad… he could have killed u

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