Christmas Chest Opening - Random Solo Gameplay - Zombs Royale -

Christmas Chest Opening – Random Solo Gameplay – Zombs Royale

Dragon ZR
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I’m sorry about the boring content guys. I started playing valorant and was thinking to upload some Val gameplay even though I suck.


  1. Most of the pros indeed went to val
    Rip this game

  2. are u in atl clan? (BTW i saw u were online this morning)

  3. here are some funny names- dragen, dragin, dragenn

  4. All these comments and hardly any likes sad huh…?🤦‍♂️🙍‍♂️ But on the bright side i will always support you no matter what and plz dont forget me when you get popular ok

  5. noice and when will ur 1k subs montage come?

  6. Hey dragon can you start some tutorials plss🙂

  7. How you do that triple combo with throwables without any delay? 😲Impressive

  8. Can you Give me a shot out bc I am trying to get to 50 subs

  9. I don't have gems to buy christmas chest i spent all my gems in Halloween chest and congrats on 1K boii pogg

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