Christmas Evolution Event | Zombs Royale - Special Christmas Quest! -

Christmas Evolution Event | Zombs Royale – Special Christmas Quest!

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It’s December and Christmas is here again, the Developers have implemented a special quest for everyone to get free premium feel cosmetics. You’ll follow me on a step by step basis on completing the quests.

– Find and collect 50 CANDY CANES scattered around the map!
– Find and destroy 25 different SNOW GLOBES around the map!
– Collect 10 “ELF ON THE SHELF” found only in gold chests!
– Find Santa and talk with him in 3 different games!

-Jensation – Donuts [NCS Release]
-Tritan – Hollow Life (feat. Ratfoot) [NCS Release]


  1. kinda sad i didnt get to complete the christmas thing from last year D:

  2. Merry Christmas to everyone reading this comment !

  3. is it hard to find santa ?

  4. Another good gold chest spot I think is the center of Mystic forest and I. mystic Forrest big house. there are lots of gold chests there.

  5. I love u apex and merry christmas to everyone but i love haloween more

  6. Merry christmas everyone !!!

    Apex could we do a duo vid tougether?

    If you only do duos with ppl in clans i’m an Alpha in TG


  7. I liked last years battle pass a lot more and the Santa skin you could get last year in my opinion is better

  8. Thanks i nedd to the santa localiation jaja

  9. Thank your video,i find the Santa spend a long time

  10. I like last year Christmas battle pass more than this year because I got my favourite wolf skin from it.

  11. Thanks for the advice or help FWI your so good at the game damn!

  12. its hard to find elfs i opend hundred chests and got 1 how i dont understand
    Edit:Pls reply and help

  13. I love the sword but never got it cuz I forgot this game

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