clips you get at level 300... -

clips you get at level 300…

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Thanks for watching today’s zombsroyale video. compilation of plays from december.

Veorra – Run



  1. Dear UnlegendaryNoob, why am I so bad at the game? I just can't seem to win any scrims anymore, I came 2nd in the last ]-[ scrim! Please help me!

  2. Whenever you do impulse snipes I don’t know if it’s editing but you pull out and put away ur sniper so fast ❤️

  3. pls post more vids but u were amazing in this vid♥️

  4. WHEN EVER yOU MAKE CLIPS ITs SO GOOD I bet you worked hard to make those we appreachiate that

  5. I wish to be like unlegendaey noob some day

  6. yo Unlegnadrynoob is there any clips cuz I'm bored of zr

  7. ayo Legend can u put a link where we can join SN

  8. Sheet my bro popping off sheesh 💯 u God and lol and u don't back sheesh ◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗😬😬😬😬😬🥵 your not even sweaty at the game bro 🤪🤪🥵😬🥵😬🥵😬

  9. why ppl copy my name im the og player one of asia lol

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