Crystal Clash is BACK! | Zombs -

Crystal Clash is BACK! | Zombs

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Hi guys! In this video, I will be playing the old Crystal Clash game mode that has come back. This will be raw gameplay of me playing it with Juice.Bananas. Please subscribe and watch my other videos! I hope you enjoy the gameplay.


  1. Wow! Have not seen this in likea year i am a season 3 player

  2. real fans know he's wearing the same outfit from the last video

  3. This was fun I love this mode and I've been begging for it to come back!

  4. yo i had you added in my last account and we played together my name was ikilledyounowurtoxic but that acc got hacked can you add my new one? mobileplayer01#7328 much love <3

  5. yay I like u ramdonooby because You are the best youtuber

  6. Bro we were hanging out in the lucksquad lobby you pretended luck gave you teleportation 😂

  7. I saw you today in my game today my name is SS|Drew

  8. Someone i just like his vids if you quit yt i will cry

  9. Bro do u know u can just ready up instead of typing cc all the time. Love ur vids btw

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