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Daily Life Of A Zombs Royale Player! 😎

Pat Gameplayz
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Zombs Royale players but how we play everytime
some zombs royale gameplay
(why is this so short 😢)

Dj Quads – Blushes
Harris Heller – Samurai’s Call
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  1. so are you a girl??????? that's all i want to know

  2. ᥇ꪖ᥊ꪻꫀ᥅ says:

    Did you stop zombs? 🙁

  3. it's been 4 months since this video was released. is pat leave youtube?:(

  4. Ur channel is so funny you could be a comedian

  5. the legend is back and I have a question why u stoped posting?

  6. Lol. That was really good. I liked the editing!

  7. Your seting plis you beter of legendery noob

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