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Dumb Zombs Royale Trolls that Work (part 2)

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skin name – golden scarab
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  1. Video idea: you can only get kills on the ice (Frozen Lucky) You can lure people on the ice and kill them:)

  2. Lol the only troll I've been achieving Is bot troll and bloss troll

  3. Oof glad i wasn’t in the vid bc I would’ve fell for it

  4. im the guy who sn tank said was nuts… on. god.

  5. its me gump ur night mare 1 v 1 me…i was cursing at ur server…come on 1 v1

  6. no zR yt streamer is better than gump whois with me like :]

  7. do you remember me from your discord gump sportgamer7 vs gump who will win?

  8. Wow the one person who disliked the video…

  9. i was the guy that u did duo's with the other day, My name was Jon Quavious, remember?

    also nice vid 🙂

  10. Yo gump what is your GPU of your computer because I am getting a PC and don't want to go overkill or spend too little. Plz reply

  11. funny, but I watched the vid on an empty stomach, seriously ruined my time watching it

  12. Man 2 month before he got 5k and now 7k POGGGGGGG!!! YOUR INSAIN BROOO pin this message or i will eat you jk

  13. Omg you found the bug that the golden scrab can move and shoots people!!

  14. I saw THAT I THINK I got In one of your games but sadly not in the vid BUT I think i saw u, I think I killed you or you killed me tho xd this is such a good troll 🙂

  15. Alternative Title: Dumb Zombsroyale Players that killed me!

  16. someone tried this on me and because I had seen the vid I destroyed him xd

  17. Big man fan big fan man Dan ham big man fan

    – Prowess’s Brother

  18. Dude i love your videos man awsome can u add me in discord pls BL4ZEツ#8083

  19. what season was golden scarab from? i have it but forgot which season i got it

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