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Thanks for watching unlegendarynoob play with the best oceania player from early 2022 (sheesh)


Harris Heller – Lavender Tower

TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania



  1. unlegendarynoob: the loudest person to walk on earth
    every other zombsroyale player: i am the water

  2. This is my 3rd time in a row I think that’s u got first

  3. We need a new ZR series where Noob plays with SN Members

  4. can anyone train me I can do anything, ayo not like that don't think like that.

  5. Tbf if you want a chalenge you gotta play at like 5pm oce time that's when the players are good

  6. that valorant clip at the end was insane

  7. How aren't you lagging that much on OCE? teach me

  8. Aye I’m good but respect for unlagendary nood for not playing on his own server and still being a beast

  9. I’m sorry what did you say. Nah nah nah nah we gotta 2v2 me and my duo partner vs you lot.

  10. best oceania player should be snipePRO no cap

  11. Unlegendray noob can you friend me back

  12. lol i remember that you slapped me even tho im cracked

  13. 🆘Noob please answer!!🆘 WHAT EDITING APP DO YOU USE.

  14. I played with codac 3 games in row and I popped off so much @codac remember me

  15. Yeah same thing happened to me. I haven't played for sooo long and I still come back being cracked at the game lol. I'm lucky to have my skills kept in this game. I'm also in Oceania in Australia.

  16. Btw uh noobie dude i subscribed to your other account

  17. "Is codak still crazy at the game??" codak: missis snipe @53 seconds

  18. Holy shit the Thor Hammer is so good I'm getting fucking ads for Thor Love and Thunder

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