DYING COSTS ME 200 GEMS ($10)! | Season 24 Chest Opening | Zombs Royale.io - lorenzroxsoftware.com

DYING COSTS ME 200 GEMS ($10)! | Season 24 Chest Opening | Zombs Royale.io

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Hi guys! In this video, I will be doing part 3 of the “IF I DIE, I have to buy season chests” zombs royale video, but except this time every time I die I have to spend 200 gems (2 chests/$10), this is because I did a community post where the majority of you guys voted this option! Hope you enjoy the video! Please like, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Have a nice day!

750 LIKES for part 4 of this zombs royale chest opening video for Season 25! So please like the video if you enjoy watching it!

Zombs Royale Challenge Format:
10 Games
1 Death=2 season 24 chests

Range of 0-2000 gems (0-20 chests or $0-$100) of being spent this video!

During the video, I get lots of new cosmetics from the season 24 chest! Comment below your thoughts about the chest and what I got!

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Chest Opening & Gameplay!
26:27 – Outro

BTW I am kinda working on 7K/8K montage, just a lot of procrastinating… (wont come out very soon)

#zombsroyale #zombsroyalechestopening #ramdonooby

Thanks for watching the video! :))))

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  1. You killed me today in mystery mode you earned a sub lol

  2. I feel bad for you spending so many gems and didn't even get an outfit you wanted and a very ugly mythical parachute. BUt anyways, I like your videos.

  3. Alternate Title : Ramdo is AJ now

    also ramdo talking like hes streaming xd

  4. bro the nostalgic from me watching u few years ago bro

  5. Those weapons look so bullying and deal a lot of damage 😠😠😠😳

  6. @ramdonooby, I don't have discord so here's my video idea: "The Real Ninja Challenge", everything is the ame except for a few changes: 1: if you use a medkit or bandage, you must put a band-aid on your skin in real life, and if you drink a Minnie(small shield pot) you must drink an entire water bottle before continuing the game. Same with big pots. And you can't fight without having both: Ninja stars and smoke grenades because Ninjas can't be seen. It would be more funny if you played with Jun( you don't have to, I just think it would be funnier in my opninion.) Anyways, yeah I hope you consider this idea. :))

  7. i got a heart attack when i saw the fact i was not subbed

  8. ur complaining when i got 3 parachutes 1 of which was wiry tentacles….

  9. I got the chaos bringer on my first chest which was free

  10. hi ramdonooby
    u can make 1 vid of moving like a mobile pplayer when u play on pc
    if u r reading this pls add me to dis Zane Sis#6137 i have idea


  12. Still people here 12/04/2021 ???

    Did he quit yt or smh??

  13. when are you going to make another video dude

  14. "noo, noo" -ramdonooby 2021 each time he dies…

  15. There are mythic shotgun in mystery mode

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