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enjoy this bad video I made.
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  1. The legend posting gameplay ily man no homo

  2. is random nooby ever gonna come back or if not what does he do now??

  3. omg monke man came back after another month

  4. Yessssir the big jun is back with a banger 🙌🏽

  5. Nice Jun ur the best YouTuber what’s the music name

  6. I will spam ping u in mod chat when map comes out :salute:

  7. no one talks about how he started a new solo squad game and did the intro again and forgot to edit the other one out 😂

  8. JUN I LOVE UR VIDS can u tell me what happened to ramdonnooby

  9. I am not gonna lie that u didn’t play a lot before but still playing good as I thought u would and I played this game a lot a day it went a blast then I stopped playing this game but my accounts are still safe

  10. from next video please talk a bit louder plss

  11. In asia server tehre is always at least 75 people

  12. Finnaly jun u uploaded UR SO COOL I SUBBED TO U AT 5K

  13. I am a growing yt channel and I do Zombs Royale Content. Please may I have a shoutout? I'm a huge fan. Keep up with the hard work!

  14. I have played Zombs on Chromebook since season 1 and I only have 1 win from all the lag, like it freezes as yr dying

  15. Jun can u 1v1 unlegendarynoob plssss

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