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Event wins in ZombsRoyale (Endzone, ZTT, …)

Elephant zr
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  1. what language do u sopeak? my man its dope

  2. Is there a way to bring back eliminated players? if yes, how?

  3. Sheesh 72 players that's as much as we start on at oce

  4. Elephant is just too good man 🤩😎😲

  5. Gg for the win event with 72 players at the end of the first zone, it's very strong

  6. Love to play with u if u want!
    If u do DM me my names firefall and I’m in zombs royale server

    I’m not too good but if u just wanna play a couple pubs 😉

  7. UR FRENCH!!! dats INSANE. There food is insane, do you have 5 star food everyday. I am always fascinated with the amount of history and wonder that is in france.

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