every win I CHANGE my MOUSE DPI (+HUGE announcement) - lorenzroxsoftware.com

every win I CHANGE my MOUSE DPI (+HUGE announcement)

jamie zr
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  1. Clown skin i wasn't in the season tho but all i know is it's just the clowny skin

  2. i rly need this because ive been trying to get to 100 subscribers for years nowive been on like 5 diff accounts to try to get 100 subs but my content is bad and the only people subscribed to me are my friends cousins ect

  3. bruh vid was made a hr ago i missed out cz school

  4. Also jamie its me spirit and about the announcement i actually am looking for some tips to grow my channel because i rlly want to grow my channel and like be known. Anyways thanks jamie

  5. Actually bro, can I like apply, I’m trying to get to 100 subs

  6. Hey jam, could you please do a handcam challenge. If you already tell and i´ll watch it
    Fire video as always 🙂

  7. i cant make vids because i cant use obs and my PC is not working but i want to make vids i mean i can make vids but they are so bad

  8. Yet again I think you should do a weapons ranking tier list. Its an easy video to do and I find other ZR players opinions interesting

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