*EXCLUSIVE* Discord Nitro Rewards in Zombs Royale! | LegendaryJun - lorenzroxsoftware.com

*EXCLUSIVE* Discord Nitro Rewards in Zombs Royale! | LegendaryJun

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*EXCLUSIVE* Discord Nitro Rewards in Zombs Royale! | LegendaryJun

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  1. nitro wheel is awesome!hope i get to spin it one day

  2. Your voice sound so so something I just like I met you before oh yeah you voice I Rember you your the kid who plays with rommdy I think idk she a youtuber

  3. dude i was playing with you today and you were so good and i was the pink afro

  4. I've never played this game but this vid is funny

  5. I have a Question does it matter is i get discord netro or the classic one the $10 one or $5 one pls replay. Does it matter if i get classic can i still get discord wheel in game.

  6. wait. how old are you, cuz u too good for a zr player. I'm being honest

  7. How to do nitro things on Zombs Royale????.
    Where do we click?

  8. They took away nitro the day before I got nitro like wtf this game is bad

  9. what was the super epic music at the end of the video?

  10. do u need nitro or does nitro classic work?

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