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EXPOSING PLAYERS AT 1AM | Zombsroyale.io

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Days ago I played at 1am when east servers were dead. suprisingly i found many ppl and exposed them for being inconsistent. this is zombsroyale.


Kevin Macleod – Carefree

TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania



  1. can you do a spectating video or another "kill me for $100" video?

  2. Whoever watched only one crate challenge are og

  3. 7:20 unlegendary noob great music but it’s also a spoiler alert for your victory

  4. You should try valorant. Just started and it’s rly fun

  5. This vid out a smile on my face. Thanks noob.<3

  6. I dont even play the game anymore.

    I just like watching you play, brings back good times.

  7. U da best player in the game and world:)

  8. I had a vision in my dream tonight. In that vision drifter was replaced with a lava world

  9. you are so cool i wish i was like you

  10. noob has reached the maximum level of asian power

  11. do you play 50v50 today, I played and I knocked someone named "sn noob"

  12. Has anyone else's games been glitching were u can't play lately?

  13. I love unlegendarynoob he is my vravite youtuber

  14. unlegendarynoob's yt channel is like dead lol

  15. Bro I was the kid in the thumb nail. Why did you cut out the game

  16. bro I love your vids I'm starting to make clips too. thanks for posting, keeps me from being bored

  17. u know its a pog moment when the music comes on

  18. 7:15 the music starts playing
    The last dude: WHY DO I HEAR BOSS MUSIC????

  19. Ohhhhh .Final the king of zr is making vidddddddddddddddđf

  20. Unlegendarynoob: I dont have a good ar
    Also unlegendarynoob:Ignores a purple ar15

  21. I have a question noob, what is the best mythic? Is the MG36 good? Pls reply or someone else 😅😅

  22. Are you playing with keyboard and mouse from your pc against mobile players ?

  23. I just want to know like what was the name of the russian or something song he put in his vids

  24. bro if you want your channel to grow, you should play other games

  25. Noob heres about 4 question:would you rather be god with bad weapons but bad with good weapons and be lucky or good with good weapons with bad weapons and unlucky

  26. keep up that good work and keep uploading!

  27. I actually got killed by unlegendary 3 times, I took pics of me getting killed by him

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