ZombsRoyale Highlights
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1st: 180 GEMS | 2nd: 80 GEMS | 3rd: 40 GEMS

This past weekend 8/31 – 9/1 ZCC hosted the FIRST EVER developer sponsored tournament! The event was two days long and this montage is dedicated to the (EU) portion of the event.

Please take some time through the official ZR discord to thank the developers and show them your support for the game we all love so much!

We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we loved hosting it for the community! Your support allows us to have bigger and better events in the future so all thanks goes to the game developers and the zombsroyale community!

– ZombsRoyale Gem Prize Tournament! (Part: US)
# Can be expected toward end of next week!


– Donate to our paypal to help fund future tournaments and events!

– ZCC:
– Divine:
– Boxelder:


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