FREE PREHISTORIC PACK - Zombs Royale (Free Skins) - Not Clickbait!!! -

FREE PREHISTORIC PACK – Zombs Royale (Free Skins) – Not Clickbait!!!

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How to get the Zombs Royale exclusive season 1 skins prehistoric pack for free!!!

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  1. Wait so after you cancel the free trial the skins will still be there?

  2. Wumpus what do you do when you don’t have a payment method and you don’t have an account, plz help

  3. Ok wampus. were do u see this membership thing I don't see it. Help

  4. Do you think my mom will believe me
    When I say "can I have your credit card I will not spend money.

  5. For it to work u must have over or exactly $7.99 in ur account tht you will be using to get da skin.after u started da free trial u go to ur app store or google play to cancel da subscription

  6. Thank you man, it worked and now i have 5 cool new items

  7. How did you did it in 0:43? Please answer Please help and I will be subscribed forever

  8. Wum i don't really get how to go to th3 free t pls tell me

  9. do u need ios for this cause im lowkey dum rn LOl

  10. wumpus does this only work on ios and samsung because i am trying on lg and it keeps saying error

  11. Ok i did all that and it worked but it said my subscription would be canceled and it is still on there so what does that mean will it delete later

  12. bruhh can I buy a battlepast and cancel the subcription/??!!!!

  13. Thank u so much wumpus i will be with u 2 the end of ur utube channel

  14. Get the next season's battle pass key when you reach 100 in the free pass

  15. I think u may get sewd for this

    May be not because ur famous YT

  16. wait do you still get 10 gems even if you cancel subscription???? like for the next 3 days?

  17. UHm no offense, but when will you upload ACTUAL CONTENT like bruh.

  18. Its real man, I got this a qualple months back. Trust me its real

  19. Ummm does it work on PC 🙁 ? I mean the PC version. (not using google play)

  20. I don’t find how is the club member ship on iPad in zr

  21. I canceled it and it still says active, but the bottom still says select an option to resubscribe, does that mean i canceled it?

  22. If this works i will subscribe and like all your videos

  23. step 1: ask parents to do a free trial
    step 2: tell them to cancel it
    and boom u got it

  24. Is it free did we don't have to give money

  25. Pro tip: if u creat new Apple ID u can redo this over and over, then u get free gems

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