Free Zombs Royale account -

Free Zombs Royale account

Mellmy 2007
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  1. are u scamming me???? cause i didnt get my acc

  2. Pls like and sub and comment down below why u want it then I'll pick

  3. I liked and sub so I should be in giveaway so have a good day and cya.

  4. I subed and liked i hope u make some more videos i don't even care about the account

  5. hello
    pls give–
    also, ur a nice guy, u should post vids of u playing the game

  6. aye big man i got u to 69 subs + ive done everything, so ? (comment if i can have).

  7. yo, can i have the account. i just started playing and yeah, i would like to wear something other than no-skin

  8. can i have it please i liked and subbed pls i want lots of skins 🙂 pleasseee

  9. I am working on a funny retrospective of every event and normal mode in zombs royale and a lot of these costumes would be really good for a lot of the jokes.

  10. Yo can i have it
    I don't really acre if i don't but i'd be very happy if i did

  11. pls can i get acct i have ben subd sins you made your chanl

  12. I did everything I wanna have it I liked some of ur vids too and I shared them

  13. I hope u see my message cuz I would love to have it

  14. me pls im just level 17 pls i need your account and im a big fan im subed and i shared uoirs vid to all my brother and freinds

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