Freeze Nades Are Broken (SHEESH) -

Freeze Nades Are Broken (SHEESH)

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UnlegendaryNoob explores freeze nade mechanics. they’re broken no cap (shea)

Music Used

Castlist – super mario world

Adventures A Himitsu

thefatrat – unity x megalovania



  1. At this point it's the same content, with just a different name, but it's just as enjoyable.

  2. mario music in the background makes freeze nades even more op

  3. Yeah the crate buff is insane i got a silenced ar and an assault scar in one chest

  4. unlegendarynoob using vector and in random squads? you can tell us if you're being held hostage

    jk awesome vid

  5. Help me reach 100 subs without any videos says:

    Explosives only

  6. hey unlegendarynoob how can you swap weapons without delay I see you shoot rifles can shoot shotguns without deley , you can also open and close doors quickly . how?

  7. This is a friendly reminder that it’s a sequel to the previous video

  8. I was Unknown in the game can you add me? I am a big fan!

  9. I feel so bad that you still have to play zr in order to keep your subscribers

  10. please russian subtitles🥺

  11. GAWD DAM YOU are still so good in this game, ugh i just want to play and be pro just like you but i will never get that god cries

  12. POV: Your unlegendary noob, and you pick up the vector half of his subscribers unsubscribe 🙁 Nah im kidding i wouldnt do that 🙂

  13. Godly aim assisted by valorant not even trolling

  14. How much damage can you do without getting a kill?

  15. Unlegendarynoob i challenge you to play zombs royale from your browser and record while playing 🙂

  16. video idea: rush with minigun and speed potion

  17. I was playing with u big fan I’m sub 2 wolf jr

  18. noob, can u ask the zr page to add claymores? cuz i cant

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