Fun Solo Squad Gameplay - Zombs Royale -

Fun Solo Squad Gameplay – Zombs Royale

Dragon ZR
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Tell me if you want me to do more of this. Unedited. Maybe I will do commentary if you guys want to.


  1. Guys give him more likes he only got four

  2. Most of times ur content is better than UnlegendaryNoob

  3. All you need is a little editing to the video and maybe some background music, and you can probably upload better content then UnlegendaryNoob himself

  4. did i kill u while u were afk a few days ago and said im fan lolxd if it is sry

  5. Bro ur soo good ur actually the best player I’ve seen keep it up🔥👌

  6. i told know see now u r getting more views becoz of long videos

  7. title of the vid-solo-squad
    *dosent turn off autofill and get in a team ;-;*

  8. You are so good you’re reaching 600 subs omg 😱 ima try to make your dream come true just gimme 10 mins I’m be back with your 600 subs

  9. I’m your 600 subscriber you reached your goal bye I’m from zr jokz post he said you need to get to your dream of reaching 600 subs

  10. Ok zr drsgon as I promised you got 600 subs 🙂 enjoy them

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